Airborne Monthly Factsheet August 2020

This factsheet outlines a summary of the distress cases witnessed in August 2020 by Sea-Watch’s Airborne crew with Moonbird. In August 2020 we flew 18 missions, with a total flight time of 81 hours and 43 minutes. We spotted around 704 persons in distress. Download Full Report Overview of the distress cases, empty boats…


Crimes of Malta 01

#CrimesOfMalta: The Maltese Rescue Coordination Centre refuses its duty to coordinate rescues of people in distress at sea in its own search and rescue zone, deliberately accepting the risk of endangering human life.     17 to 19 June 2020: A boat with 25 people on board with no life vests is drifting in the…


Crimes of Malta

In the first half of 2020, Maltese authorities were implicated in multiple failures to respect and protect the rights of refugees and migrants at sea. Under their coordination, people were pushed back to Libya, a country at war where refugees and migrants are systematically abused. Delays in attending to distress calls exposed people to the…