Common position on the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council

With the present document, the signing non-governmental-organisations involved in search-and-rescue activities in the Mediterranean Sea, jointly share the following considerations and recommendations to the JHA Ministers reuniting in Luxembourg to follow up to the mini-summit of 23 September held in Malta. The question of a fair and human needs-based relocation mechanism remains unresolved. In recent…


Sea-Watch and Cpt. Rackete Enforce Human Rights Where EU Fails

+++ Sea-Watch 3 Enters Port of Lampedusa Without Permission +++ Disembarkation Pending +++ Captain Under Investigation +++ Neither the EU-Commission nor any European government brought about the solution for the disembarkation of the remaining 40 survivors aboard Sea-Watch 3. In the end it was captain Carola Rackete who was both forced and willing to take…