Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland (Protestant Church in Germany) continues to support civilian sea-rescue – Air reconnaissance aircraft crucial factor for the rescue of human lives at sea

In the last year alone, more than 3,000 people have drowned in the Central Mediterranean Sea; in 2018, more than 500 have lost their lives already. Without the reconnaissance aircraft “Moonbird”, deployed by Sea-Watch and the Swiss Humanitarian Pilots Initiative (HPI), there would have been 1000 more deaths in 2017 alone. Time and again the…


Survivors state unspeakable conditions in Libya after being intercepted and pulled back: Sea-Watch condemns the EU policy facilitating forcible returns to Libya

After a complex rescue operation far out in international waters on Saturday, 94 people were rescued and brought to a safe place of disembarkation by Sea-Watch 3. Some of the survivors report multiple attempts to leave Libya by boat, all state outrageous conditions in Libya. When the Libyan Coast Guard arrived on scene, mandated by…