Solid as a rock

Sea-Watch Co-founder Matthias Kuhnt does not give up his goals, even if he runs into strong political headwind

European civil rescue organizations stand up against smuggling allegations

NGOs who rescue people from drowning at sea are encouraging smugglers who profit from dangerous Mediterranean crossings, Frontex Director Fabrice Leggeri told the German newspaper “DIE WELT” on Feb 27, 2017. The signatories of this statement jointly reject these reproaches which distort the facts. People do not migrate because there are smuggling networks. Smuggling networks…


Sea-Watch released fact sheet for the Malta summit

At an informal meeting in Valletta on February 3rd 2017, the 28 EU heads of government will come together to discuss the external dimensions of migration. The main focus will be on the Central Mediterranean route and Libya. Various topics on the agenda are highly problematic. The aim of the summit is to seal off…


In Malta our ship is hammered, varnished and welded

The winter construction work takes shape, some structural improvements and maintenance work will make the ship even more effective for our rescue mission in the Mediterranean Sea this year. Many voluntary activists from all over Europe are working to bring the Sea-Watch 2 to its best form. Some stay two weeks and some even help…