Free the ElHiblu3! End the Trial!

Two years ago, on 28 March 2019, the merchant vessel ElHiIblu1 arrived in Malta and three teenagers were arrested and accused of having committed a multiplicity of crimes, including acts of terrorism. An alliance of human rights activists calls on Malta to drop the charges immediately. On 26 March 2019, 108 people were rescued from…


Sea-Watch 3 blocked again: Solidarity is not a crime!

Earlier this month, the administrative court in Palermo lifted the blockade of our two ships. Now the next wave of politically motivated harassment is already following: this time it strikes the Sea-Watch 3. Last June, the Sea-Watch 3 was detained by the Italian authorities after rescuing 211 people. After the ship was allowed to go…


Sea-Watch 3 rescues 363 people from distress at sea within 3 days

On February 19, the rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 left for its first mission after an enforced break of more than seven months. In five different rescue operations, it was able to rescue 363 people from distress. In a sixth operation, the crew could stabilize another boat carrying about 90 people until the Italian Coast Guard…