Landmark ruling confirms: Libya is not a place of safety!

We have always said that people rescued from distress at sea must not be brought back to Libya under any circumstances! A rescue operation is only finished when the rescued people have been brought to a place of safety. What does that mean exactly? Those rescued must be brought ashore in a place where a…


4 Questions to Felix from our air reconnaissance mission Airborne

Felix has been with Sea-Watch since 2017. As part of the Airborne team, he helps to ensure that human rights violations in the central Mediterranean do not remain undetected. How long have you been with Sea-Watch and what exactly is your job? Felix: I have been with Sea-Watch since 2017. Back then, I started in…


Sea-Watch 3 rescues over 400 people from distress at sea

The rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 departed for the Central Mediterranean on 10 October. In 7 rescue operations in the search and rescue zone off the Libyan coast, the crew has rescued over 400 people from distress at sea. They were supported by Sea-Watch’s reconnaissance aircraft Seabird. On Sunday morning, 17 October 2021, the crew of…


Airborne Monthly Factsheet July 2021

This factsheet outlines a summary of the distress cases witnessed in July 2021 by Sea-Watch’s Airborne crews from their two aircraft Moonbird and Seabird.* In July 2021 we conducted 19 operations, with a total flight time of 114 hours and 54 minutes. We spotted around 1.517 persons in distress aboard 38 different boats.