Status-Update 17.11.2015: Operational conditions on Lesbos

Since the beginning of the week our RIB is finally ready to operate from the harbour of Molyvos, Lesbos. We submitted our official papers to the coast guard. And we have already started to build up a functioning network of volunteers and other organizations, such as the Spanish rescuers of ProActiva Open Arms.


On October 13 at midday the Sea-Watch Team gathered in Berlin on the shore of the Spree, the river crossing the city, right in front of the German Bundestag. That is the building where all relevant political decisions are taken, as the ones that recently have been remodeling the German policy with regards to immigration.…


Status-Update 15

On Tuesday night 500 migrant people arrived on the island in an operation involving no less than five search and rescue vessels. As the fair weather and favourable sea conditions prevail more migrant people putting to sea in the coming days is expected.