Sea-Watch in the Aegean Sea: Monitoring and ERT

  Since deal between Turkey and EU was concluded end of March and the systematic deportation of refugees back to Turkey has been enforced, the number of refugee arrivals on Aegean Islands has dropped dramatically. Sea-Watch therefore decided on pausing our mission in the Aegean. We will however monitor the region vigorously within the framework…


Report April 27th 2016

Boat 1: 112 people including 60 women, pregnant women and children Boat 2: 120 people Everyone was rescued. After handing out life vests and assessment by our medics they were transferred to Italian Navy. They are now brought to Italy. Crew is happy but exhausted and got now back to patrolling for more refugee boats.


Working on the deck

High waves and no refugee boat traffic made us spend the day working on deck and practicing fire emergency with the crew. We are highly motivated to save lives in the coming days.


Cooperative operation in the Mediterranean

Sea-Watch 2 received distress call yesterday in the afternoon. Together with other rescue organisations we set off to the suspected area north of Tripolis. Aquarius of SOS MEDITERRANEE could save 120 refugees from a dinghy. Unvarified rumours of refugees having been thrown overboard left Sea-Watch and Sea-Eye searching desperately for survivors until night. We did not find anyone.

Newsletter: Sea-Watch 2 starts rescue mission

Dear friends of Sea-Watch, Today, exactly one year after the embarkation of Sea-Watch 1 from Hamburg, our new flagship Sea-Watch 2 will launch its rescue mission on the Central Mediterranean Sea. I want to use this opportunity to thank you all for your tremendous support in making this possible, and inform you about the ongoing…