Sea-Watch 2

Sea-Watch gets its new ship, with better equipment to enable us to continue our important mission in 2016 where European politics turns a blind eye. Because the plight is real and enough people have drowned already.

Sea-Watch was founded late 2014, to rescue refugees at sea and prevent them from drowning. After less than a year of preparation we have started our mission with an old, refurbished fishing vessel off the coast of Libya and were able to save more than 2000 lives. We were shocked by the grim reality on the Mediterranean Sea: Almost daily we encountered ships in distress, often moments before they would have capsized. Political assistance, albeit frequently professed, was all but lacking, which is why non-governmental organisations such as Sea-Wach feel the need to stand in.

The reasons for people to risk their lives in crossing the Mediterranean continue to exist in 2016. Our work, therefore, continues to be important and desperately needed.

Sea-Watch 2 (formerly: Clupea) before its acquisition at harbour in the UK

Last year we were able to gain valuable experiences, which serve as a base for our renewed operational strategy in 2016. More than anything, we needed a newer, more modern and more efficient vessel. Because Sea-Watch 2 is sturdier and bigger, allowing for a larger crews, we can now operate around the clock and during adverse weather conditions. We are also able to offer critical medical care on-board and better locate refugee boats with improved positioning technology.

Sea-Watch 2 acquisition, refurbishment, and first missions.

With your continued support, our experience, and a lot of helping hands, we were able to acquire the British ship Clupea and refurbish it into the Sea-Watch 2. She has been christened on 18th of March 2016 in Hamburg and since been transferred to the Mediterranean, where the first missions have successfully been undertaken.

Tens of thousands of people are estimated to attempt the crossing of the Mediterranean this year. Sea-Watch, with your assistance, can contribute to save lives: Make a donation today or become a supporter, helping us in continuously funding our missions in the Central Mediterranean and in the Aegean.


As long as there are no safe escape routes, you can at least make a small contribution with a donation for Sea-Watch e.V. that fewer people are dying. With your donation we can save lives together.