Sea-Watch 3 rescues 363 people from distress at sea within 3 days

On February 19, the rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 left for its first mission after an enforced break of more than seven months. In five different rescue operations, it was able to rescue 363 people from distress. In a sixth operation, the crew could stabilize another boat carrying about 90 people until the Italian Coast Guard…


Airborne Annual Report 2020

Airborne is a department of Sea-Watch e.V. which monitors the Central Mediterranean using the reconnaissance aircraft Moonbird and Seabird, in order to document human rights violations and spot people in distress. These operations are conducted together with the Swiss NGO Humanitarian Pilots Initiative. The purpose of the following Annual Report 2020 is to provide an overview…


Airborne Factsheet November 2020 – January 2021

This factsheet presents a summary of distress cases witnessed by Sea-Watch’s Airborne crew from the aircraft Moonbird.* From November 2020 to January 2021, primarily due to bad weather in the Central Mediterranean Sea, we flew only 16 missions with a total flight time of 73 hours and 22 minutes. We spotted around 165 persons in…