Ferries for a #safepassage, not for deportation!

CADUS / Sea-Watch condemn the deportations from Greece to Turkey which are taking place in line with the EU-Turkey deal since today morning, starting from our operational area Lesbos. Furthermore we sharply condemn pushback actions carried out by the Turkish coast guard, often by using violence against refugees. The recent agreement is forcing refugees on even…


Prepare and check the safety equipment

Before starting mission we always prepare and check our safety equipment. Especially now, close to passing Biskaya being the most dangerous route on our transferral of Sea-Watch 2. To make sure that no crew member gets lost and drowns when going overboard accidentally everyone is powered by a life jacket and a man-over-board-transmitter that allows…


Sea-Watch 2 is now heading towards Biskaya.

Sea-Watch 2 spent the Easter weekend in Le Havre, France. A hurricane with more than 60 knots (picture 2) forced us to remain anchored. The crew (photo 1) used the break to work on machine, deck and the ship in general. Sea-Watch 2 is now heading towards Biskaya.


Sea-Watch 2 is leaving Hamburg

Sea-Watch 2 is today leaving Hamburg to be able to start SAR mission mid April off Libya. We are very happy to leave all renovations behind and finally start our maritime rescue in Central Mediterranean.

Lesbos update March 17th 2016

Crew that arrived only yesterday had a huge operation today. A wooden yacht with more than 120 people on board capsized in the cliffs near Palios, Lesbos. At arrival we found 4 people already in the water close to drowning, 2 children and 2 adults. After rescuing them safely onto our RHIB we moved on to…