Mediterranea and Sea-Watch denounce the arbitrary detention in Malta of people rescued in December, and express their solidarity with their protest.

After being stranded at sea for 19 days, most of the 49 people rescued last December by Sea Watch and Sea Eye’s boats have now been inside the Marsa Asylum Seekers’ Detention Centre (IRS) in Malta for two months. Anyone who remembers the sad spectacle offered by European governments that for weeks, while these women,…


Dutch Government Concedes: Sea-Watch 3 Sails to Scheduled Shipyard Maintenance in France

On Tuesday, Sea-Watch announced its preparedness to begin urgent legal proceedings against the blockade of its rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 in Italy by the government of the Netherlands. Two minutes before the given deadline on Wednesday, the Dutch authorities permitted the ship to sail to its planned shipyard for maintenance. This demonstrates the indefensibility of…


UN says criminalization has led to record death rate, while Italy blocks Sea-Watch 3 in Catania port

01.02.2019, Sea-Watch learned from the media that its vessel Sea-Watch 3, which disembarked 47 people in Catania yesterday after a 10-day odyssey, is blocked in Catania. The blockade of the last remaining rescue ship in the Mediterranean comes only days after the United Nations named criminalisation of sea rescue as the reason for a record…