The Blog follows Sea-Watch in its mission across the Mediterranean Sea, reporting on the latest news regarding operations and activities of Sea-Watch, in the context of the current humanitarian crisis at sea.

Such platform represents as well the link of Sea-Watch with Human Rights at Sea (HRAS), a charity offering independent research, investigation and advocacy for maritime human rights.

The Blog is curated by Giorgia Linardi, HRAS intern as well as Sea-Watch legal adviser and representative. Giorgia participated to missions in both the Central and Eastern Mediterranean as part of the coordinating team in Lesvos and Lampedusa and as crew member.

Other news posts

The year in review: most important for Sea-Watch in 2018

January EU Interior Ministers Meeting on asylum policy – result: Strengthening border security February EU summit in Malta. Decision: promotion and training of the so-called Libyan Coast Guard with a budget of 200 million euros March Eight civilian SAR-organizations release a joint statement in which they reproach the accusation of cooperation with smugglers by Italian…


Migrants Day Testimonial

On International Migrants Day, Hamsa told us his story: „I am a young man from Kobane, Syria. I grew up in a middle class family. All my father wanted was for me to achieve my dream in becoming a judge to defend the oppressed. I am a Syrian Kurd and Kurds have always been oppressed.…


Captain Pia: “We are overprivileged Europeans”

The captain who steered the Sea-Watch 3 to her first rescue mission off the Libyan coast in early November was Pia Klemp, a Sea-Watch activist from Bonn, Germany. She has a lot to tell about European politics in the Mediterranean… and everyday life aboard a search and rescue vessel… Only one in 100 ships in…


Massive Rescue Operation: “Now the EU has to send ships”

After a massive rescue operation on the Central Mediterranean, the Sea-Watch 3 is on route to Italy with 254 rescued people on board. Among the rescued is a baby who was born on a rubber-boat yesterday during an operation of the crew of Mission Lifeline. The situation is tense, since more departures are to be…