The Blog follows Sea-Watch in its mission across the Mediterranean Sea, reporting on the latest news regarding operations and activities of Sea-Watch, in the context of the current humanitarian crisis at sea.

Such platform represents as well the link of Sea-Watch with Human Rights at Sea (HRAS), a charity offering independent research, investigation and advocacy for maritime human rights.

The Blog is curated by Giorgia Linardi, HRAS intern as well as Sea-Watch legal adviser and representative. Giorgia participated to missions in both the Central and Eastern Mediterranean as part of the coordinating team in Lesvos and Lampedusa and as crew member.

Other news posts

Dear Mr. Fabrice Leggeri,

We, as representatives of the private aid organisations Sea-Watch and Jugend Rettet, which are operating in the field of humanitarian assistance at the Central Mediterranean, are addressing this open letter directly to you. Yours as well as our organisations are active in the same area at sea, therefore it is necessary to reconcile our all…


Imaginary Criminals: Sea-Watch considers legal steps against attorney Zuccaro

In an interview with the Italian Newspaper “La Stampa”, the italian attorney Carmelo Zuccaro repeatedly made imaginary accusations concerning a supposed cooperation among civil rescue organisations and smugglers. Thereby, he takes part in a campaign that defames those who rescue lives. For a representative of a sovereign judiciary this is not just unworthy but illegitimate.…


Where are all the advocates for European values?

Lion demands more humanitarian radicalism We meet Lion Kircheis in the small kitchen of the Sea-Watch office in Berlin, a cup of filter coffee in his hands. For others, it is the end of the working day soon. Lion will probably stay longer tonight, as usual. The 23-year-old would not refuse to work overtime, not…


Letter of regret to the Italian Parliament

Dear Representatives of the Italian Parliament, unfortunately, we are not able to attend your hearing on Apri 12, 2017 in Rome on the subject of “Managing the migration phenomenon in the Schengen area, with specific reference to the policies of Member States on external and internal border controls”, for the following reasons: The official invitation…