The Blog follows Sea-Watch in its mission across the Mediterranean Sea, reporting on the latest news regarding operations and activities of Sea-Watch, in the context of the current humanitarian crisis at sea.

Such platform represents as well the link of Sea-Watch with Human Rights at Sea (HRAS), a charity offering independent research, investigation and advocacy for maritime human rights.

The Blog is curated by Giorgia Linardi, HRAS intern as well as Sea-Watch legal adviser and representative. Giorgia participated to missions in both the Central and Eastern Mediterranean as part of the coordinating team in Lesvos and Lampedusa and as crew member.

Other news posts

BREAKING: Turkish Coast Guards attack refugees

On Friday morning, members of the Turkish Coast Guard fired gunshots and physically attacked refugees outside of their territorial waters in a clear violation of Maritime and International Law. Instead of helping those in distress at sea according to UNCLOS regulations, they stirred panic and forced 20 refugees back to Turkish shores. Greek Coast Guards…


Update: Evidence for reckless behavior of Libyan Coast Guards

Update to the incident of November 6, when at least five people died due to the reckless behavior of Libyan Coast Guards in international waters: Inappropriate and reckless behavior during rescue   The primary goal of the Libyan coast guards was clearly to take back people to Libya and not their rescue – despite…


Clarification on the incident of November 6th

Central Mediterranean, 07.11.2017 Yesterday, the 6th of November, a tragedy occurred in international waters approximately 30 nm north of Tripoli. A rubber boat sent a distress call, to which different units reacted in coordination with the responsible Maritime Rescue Coordination Center in Rome. The situation was grave: people were already in the water when the…


Breaking: Dramatic first rescue operation for Sea-Watch 3

The violent and reckless behavior of Libyan Coast Guards has caused at least five deaths on the Central Mediterranean Sea this morning, as the crew of the Sea-Watch 3 was called to their first rescue mission by the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Center. A helicopter of the Italian Navy had to intervene to prevent more…