The obstruction of rescue services leads to another boat accident – death rate at record high

Anyone who obstructs rescue services is liable to prosecution, nobody would intentionally block an ambulance – but that is exactly what is happening: rescue ships are being blocked, with deadly consequences. According to UNHCR, another boat accident occurred yesterday, 114 people are missing. It is already the third since rescue ships have been blocked in…


LIFELINE and a merchant vessel still stranded at sea with over 300 people on board. Sea-Watch and Sea-Eye to send supplies in support

Europe owes a solution to 234 rescued people on the LIFELINE and 113 people on the merchant vessel ALEXANDER MAERSK. Both have no port of safety assigned as of yet and remain adrift in international waters. The situation on the LIFELINE is stable so far, however in line with the IMO guidelines on the treatment…


220 dead and counting: multiple drownings are a direct effect of the crackdown on sea rescue. Sea-Watch calls for humanitarian contingencies

The UNHCR reports that in the last three days approximately 220 have died attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea. This spike in death toll caused the UN agency to call for more rescue capacity at sea, while European governments, with Italy in a leading role, do everything to avoid effective sea rescue. Sea-Watch warned on…