Sea-Watch calls on EU Commission: Send decommissioned cruise ships to evacuate camps in Greece

While the Corona crisis is keeping Europe in suspense, the suffering of those seeking international protection and the humanitarian disaster at Europe’s borders are fading into the background. In Camp Moria on Lesbos alone, designed for a maximum of 3,000 people, over 20,000 people are currently living without adequate access to water, basic hygiene facilities…


While Sea-Watch 3 already rescued 119 people in three separate distress cases, Moonbird today spots more people at risk of drowning.

Thursday morning, the Sea-Watch 3 was alerted by our civil search aircraft Moonbird of multiple distress cases and immediately engaged in the successful rescue of 60 survivors on board a rubber boat in international waters. Before conducting a second rescue of 17 people, Sea-Watch found an empty fibreglass boat and witnessed 150  more people being…