Italy escalates obstruction of civil search and rescue

Within the last week, the Italian government has detained three NGO rescue ships flying the German flag. The Humanity 1, the Sea-Watch 5 and the Sea-Eye 4 are being prevented from carrying out their life-saving work on the basis of false accusations. For the first time, the Italian government has blocked one of the ships,…


Rescue ship Sea-Watch 5 detained

Following the rescue of 56 people from distress at sea in international waters on March 6, Italian authorities have detained the Sea-Watch 5 for 20 days. Previously, a 17-year-old boy died on board after Italy, Malta, and Tunisia refused to evacuate him. 4 other people in critical condition were only brought to the Italian mainland…


Sea-Watch 5 rescues 119 people on Christmas Eve

The crew of the civil rescue ship Sea-Watch 5 has rescued 119 people from distress at sea in its first deployment in 2 different rescue operations. The people are receiving first aid on board; the youngest guest is three years old. Italy has assigned the ship to the distant port of Marina di Carrara for…