Dutch government blocks Sea-Watch 3 and other NGO ships with a new policy, citing concerns for ‘safety,’ while people are left to drown

Today, a new policy imposed by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management will take effect, which has severe implications on Sea-Watch and other NGOs operating ships under the Dutch flag. The policy change implemented hastily and without a transition period for Sea-Watch, demonstrates the lengths the Dutch government is willing to go to,…


Not piracy; but self-defense against deadly European border policy

Yesterday, news reports stated that the ‘El Hiblu 1’ is believed to have rescued 108 people off the coast of Libya. Upon discovering that they were being taken back to Libya, the survivors allegedly forced the crew of the bunkering tanker to change course and sail north towards Europe instead. This morning, the Armed Forces…


Hearts Like Yours: The human costs of EU migration policy

Achuil has seen too much for a sixteen year old, but on the day that he speaks to me from detention at the Initial Reception Centre in Marsa a hopeful tone never leaves his voice. In 2013, at the outbreak of the ongoing South Sudanese Civil War, his family fled their home to Sudan. But…