Your donation for Sea-Watch’s rescue at sea

Your donation helps us to save people from distress at sea! As civilian sea-rescuers we have been working since 2015 to save people from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

With your donation for Sea-Watch you set a sign of humanity and help concretely to continue our mission to save lives.

Thank you for your heart, thank you for your donation!

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Bank transfer

IBAN: DE77 1002 0500 0002 0222 88
Bank: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Berlin


Donation examples

Donate 15€

For 15 € we can buy for example a life jacket. Life jackets are part of the basic equipment for our rescue missions.

Donate 35€

With 35 € you can help us to buy a lifebelt, for example. We throw them to castaways when a boat is already sinking.

Donate 50€

Rescued people are often hypothermic and a blanket is the first aid on board. With a donation of 50 € we can give warmth to 50 people.

Donate 100€

Many rescued people are often dehydrated, which is life-threatening in scorching heat. With 100 € we can for example treat a severely dehydrated person.

Donate 500€

Liferafts belong to the larger equipment on board. With 500 € we can, for example, save 60 people from drowning in an emergency.

Donate desired amount

It costs 5 € to provide one person with food and drink. With 25.000 € we can fill the tank with diesel for one month.

Further information about donations at Sea-Watch

  • Do you have questions about your donation or donation receipt?
  • You want to start a support campaign for Sea-Watch and need information material or posters or a donation box?
  • You want to become a supporting member of Sea-Watch e.V.? You can find more information here.
  • You want to call for an event donation for Sea-Watch – birthday, wedding, company celebration, inauguration, christening, death… Set a donation ‘keyword’ for your invitation. We will be happy to tell you about the success of your “donations instead of flowers” campaign.
  • Here you can find the current Sea-Watch project report 2020.

Your contact person: Marlene Lippmann and the Fundraising Team


If you have any urgent questions, we will be happy to call you back (please give us your telephone number).

We as the whole Sea-Watch team thank you already now for your donation and for your support!