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For our missions in 2019, we can predict how much money we will need in the coming months. At present, depending on the frequency of emergencies, we estimate an amount of between 110,000 – 130,000 € per month. Included are the missions of Sea-Watch 3, Moonbird and the complete activities of the land team.

To be able to plan safely, it is important for us that you decide to help Sea-Watch with a supporting membership.

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What your regular donation can accomplish:

10 € – Medical treatment of burns

25 € – Equipment of 25 persons with rescue blankets

50 € – Purchase of 5 lifejackets

100 € – Medical treatment of a highly dehydrated person

150 € – Medical treatment of a severely dehydrated toddler

500 € – A life raft to save up to 60 people from drowning.

Through your supporting membership in the association Sea-Watch e.V. You want to support sea rescue in the Mediterranean Sea on a regular basis. This way you can ensure that the SAR (Search-and-Rescue) mission continues to run independently of government funds exclusively through donations and contributions and is secured in the long term!

Your contribution is tax-deductible. As a supporting member, you are free and independent to determine your monthly contribution (min. 10 € for private persons / 25 € for company or associations). You can change or cancel your supporting membership at any time.


In addition to the external newsletter, you will also receive the internal newsletter, which is addressed to Sea Watch activists and supporting members. It informs you about political developments regarding with our missions and gives you an insight into our daily work: This includes crew news, planned actions, campaigns, etc.

  • You will receive an annual project report with detailed insights into our work.
  • As a supporting member you can take part in the annual meeting of Sea-Watch e.V.
  • You have a contact person at Sea-Watch e.V., who brings the concerns and impulses of the supporting members into the association.

Your contact person: Maximilian Brase and the Fundraising Team