Status Update-6

The Sea Watch and her crew safely arrived in the Port of Lisbon on the 24 May. The sea conditions were far more favourable when compared to the 4m swells she contended with in the Bay of Biscay.

Status-Update 5

The Sea Watch and her crew pulled in to the Port of Coruna on the evening of Monday 18 May. The five on board are in good spirits but some poor sea conditions have affected the vessel’s progress. On current estimates the Sea Watch will arrive in Malta on or around the 9 June.

Status Update 4

n a week that saw the European Commission unveil plans for an EU wide refugee quota system, migration in the Mediterranean continues to divide opinion among Member States.

Status Update 3

The Sea-Watch is currently moored at the Port of Brest where she is refuelling and taking on more supplies. The Crew are all well and in high spirits despite the slight delay to the schedule.

Status Update 2

Legal Analysis: UNCLOS and the Duty to Render Assistance Following on from my recent introductory piece about the Sea Watch project, I thought it apposite to briefly address the basis in law upon which the Sea Watch and other vessels sailing in the Mediterranean render assistance to those in distress at sea, and, more to…