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On the 19th of August, Worldday of Huminitarian Help, Sea Watch points out: : Civil Rescue Ships are #NotATarget! If we look on the incidents of the last week, we have to say: Seems like this is not clear to everyone. What has happened so far? We have a summary for you: Libyan Coastguards kidnapped Rescueboat…


German government cannot ignore Libyan threats against NGOs

“Save a life, and you save the whole world.” Sea-Watch has saved the lives of around 27,000 people since June 2015. Every individual person was alone worth the effort undertaken by our many volunteers. This year in particular, it is becoming increasingly difficult to carry out our humanitarian mission. Libya, a land in the grip…


Sailing in Solidarity

Photo: Moritz Richter We will never forget the first operational day of the #IUVENTA: the sight of the ship with more than 400 people on board, whom we had saved in a joint, not uncomplicated, mission. The young crew were thrown straight in the deep end. Since then a lot has happened, Jugend Rettet e.V.…