Airborne Monthly Factsheet February – March 2022

This factsheet outlines a summary of the distress cases witnessed in February and March 2022 by Sea-Watch’s Airborne Operations with the aircraft Seabird and Seabird 2.* In February and March 2022 we conducted 12 operations, with a total flight time of 72 hours and 48 minutes. We spotted 2 boats, carrying around 158 persons in distress. Download…


Sea-Watch hands over rescue ship to SOS Humanity

The civil sea rescue organization SOS Humanity will operate the current Sea-Watch 4 as Humanity 1 from August 2022. The ship was acquired two years ago on the initiative of the United4Rescue alliance. Since then, it has been operated by the Sea-Watch organization, which uses it for rescue operations in the central Mediterranean. “The handover…


A fig leaf called IRINI

On Friday, April 29th 2022, the German Parliament will vote on the mandate extension of EUNAVFOR MED Operation IRINI. Here, you can find out what this is and why Sea-Watch thinks the German participation in Operation IRINI is a fig leaf. But first: What is IRINI, and how does the German mandate work? EUNAVFOR MED…