Current mission


Fast intervention can be the difference between life and death, because every sea emergency is a race against time.

For this reason, since spring 2022, we have been operating the AURORA, a 14-meter rescue boat that has been adapted for use in the Central Mediterranean. It can reach a top speed of 25 knots. This makes it one of the fastest vessels in the civilian search and rescue fleet in the central Mediterranean.


Already during its first mission, the AURORA proved what a valuable asset it will be to the civilian fleet:

On the evening of May 29th, the initiative Watch The Med Alarm Phone reported a boat in distress within the Maltese Search and Rescue Zone with over 80 people on board – water was already entering the boat. First, the sailing vessel NADIR of the organization RESQSHIP reached the position of the boat and was able to provide people with life jackets necessary for their survival. Shortly after, the rescue ship AURORA of Sea-Watch arrived and started to evacuate the people. All rescued people could be brought safely on board the AURORA and receive the best possible basic care. Although the European authorities were aware of the maritime emergency, only a FRONTEX drone circled above the boat, but did not initiate a rescue. After the rescue, the AURORA set course north and made several requests to the Italian authorities to assign a safe port. In the meantime, the rescued people were able to disembark safely in Lampedusa, Italy.

Together against the deaths in the Mediterranean Sea – Sea-Watch cooperates with Search and Rescue Relief (SARR)

Sea-Watch operates the AURORA with technical support from the British organization Search And Rescue Relief (SARR), which has assisted Sea-Watch in the technical implementation of projects since its establishment in 2019.