Lesbos update March 2nd 2016

Another rescue mission at night off Lesbos. 57 refugees from a rubber boat with engine failure and 34 people from a sinking “yacht” were brought to land safely. #SafePassage Donate Now!


Rescue in the dark – Lesbos Update February 24th 2016

[youtube id=”zXxfjE6Rka0″ mode=”lazyload-lightbox”] We start our night shift the day before yesterday at 11pm. A very calm night, we stay on stand-by on the boat. We keep scanning Greek coastline and by spotting a reflection of a life vest in the darkness we finally find 33 people that have been hiding between rocks for hours because…


Sea-Watch is critically assessing Nato efforts in the Aegean Sea

Nato operation neglects most urgent need: To save human lives “Sea-Watch is strongly questioning announcements of Nato operation in the Aegean Sea assuming that the mission objective is not compatible with our claim as an NGO to provide SAFE PASSAGE and it is to fear that the deployment will aggravate the situation. A possible deployment…