Memorial: 4,600 candles against dying #SafePassage

In deep mourning we want to remember all those we were not able to rescue from distress at sea this year. In 2016, a sad record has been broken: The International Organization for Migration counts 4.699 refugees and migrants who drowned in the Mediterranean or are missing (as of 30/11/2016). Never before so many people…


Sea-Watch is pressing charges against Libyan Coast Guard

As a consequence to the occurrences on the 21th of october Sea-Watch is pressing charges against the members involved of the Libyan coastguard because of an attack to a rubber boat with 150 refugees on board, of which four are dead and most probably 15-25 more victims. On the 21th of october a boat from…


A #SafePassage is the only way to cut migrants’ deaths

Reply to the statement of the Commander of the European operation Sophia on the training of Libya´s so-called “coastguard” “It is cynical, that the commander of the operation Sophia, Rear Admiral Enrico Credendino, claims the training of Libyan coastguards could cut the death toll on the med.” Sea-Watch CEO Axel Grafmanns says. “It’s only meant…