Our Mission

Saving lives

Every single life saved through our initiative is a success and a stand for humanity.

Creating awareness

Through our work, we provide information, thus drawing attention to the fate of refugees and
migrants. We shine a light on the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean so that no one can
look away.

Encourage imitators

There are many ways to become active. With our action we want to encourage other people to act. We would like to share our experience with all of those interested.


Civil sea rescue by organisations such as Sea-Watch saves people’s lives, but the fundamental problem lies not in sea rescue, but in the fact that Europe is sealed off to those who seek refuge in it. With our actions we advocate for the creation of safe and legal escape routes. Until then, there must be a common European sea rescue operation to prevent further deaths.

Our Vision

Sea-Watch stands up vehemently for the goal that no one has to die when trying to reach Europe’s shores. As long as the dangers at sea for refugees persist, we will invest all of our powers into providing civilian sea rescue. At sea, the law of emergency relief prevails. We want this to be implemented by everyone and not to be subject to political calculations by governments and institutions.

This is why we demand #SafePassage. Our initiative cannot save all refugees and migrants crossing the the Mediterranean Sea but with our presence and through the lives we do save, we are standing up for humanity.