Humans of Sea-Watch

Praktikant Lion

Where are all the advocates for European values?

Lion demands more humanitarian radicalism We meet Lion Kircheis in the small kitchen of the Sea-Watch office in Berlin, a cup of filter coffee in his hands. For others, it is the end of the working day soon. Lion will probably stay longer tonight, as usual. The 23-year-old would not refuse to work overtime, not…

“Rescuing people should be the norm”

Nothing runs smoothly without Welf, Sea-Watch’s head of logistics Can you really make a difference? With such a tiny ship? Is this really the right way of going about it? Welf Seyer was sceptical when he first read about Sea-Watch in a newspaper in 2015. Later, he heard that the project needed logistical and technical…

Solid as a rock

Sea-Watch Co-founder Matthias Kuhnt does not give up his goals, even if he runs into strong political headwind

Sea-Watch is a private initiative founded in 2014 by a group of citizens, dedicated to putting an end to the dying on the Mediterranean Sea.

The European Union advocates democracy and human rights yet continues to fortify it’s stronghold, by spending billions of euros on border protection, or ethically questionable and highly controversial resettlement treaties with third countries such as Turkey. It is because of measures like these that each year thousands of people lose their lives on their journeys to safe harbour in the EU, many within sight of our precious beaches and shores.

We have therefore taken matters into our own hands and dedicated ourselves to maritime rescue. We thereby try to fill a vacuum that was left by the discontinuation of Mare Nostrum, Italy’s institutionalised search-and-rescue mission, which was able to rescue 130,000 people before it’s closure. We strongly believe that this is a humanitarian duty that should belong in the hands of all EU member states, and therefore plead for a long term international, institutionalised search-and-rescue mission with a clear mandate, and above all: legal passageways for asylum seekers.

Since our beginning in 2015 our organisation has grown with the help of many volunteers who dedicated themselves to save as many people as possible from distress at sea. Our funds are based solely on donations, and with your help we were able to rescue over 5000 souls in 2015 alone, and we continue our mission this year.

Sea-Watch e.V. was founded as a non-governmental organisation 19 of May 2015 and is formally registered as a non-profit organisation in Berlin. You can find our articles of association here.

Directorate of Asscociation:

Harald Höppner (chairman)
Matthias Kuhnt (vice-chairman)
Holger Mag (treasurer)
Johannes Bayer
Dr. Frank Scholz

Legal seat

Sea-Watch e.V.
c/o dka-Anwälte
Immanuelkirchstraße 3-4
D-10405 Berlin


Berlin office

Sea-Watch e.V.
Trelleborger Str. 4
D-10439 Berlin