About Sea-Watch

Since the year 2000 more than 23.000 people died trying to reach Europe’s shores. After the end of the Mare Nostrum operation in the Mediterranean Sea three business partners from Germany decided to found the nonprofit NGO Sea-Watch e.V. We are acting politically, economically and religiously independently.

The initiators bought a 98 years old fish trawler to start an important mission: saving lives where states fail to act. A crew of volunteers refitted the MS Sea-Watch, working day and night to make the vessel suitable for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations.

The success of the project was based mostly on hard work and the collaborative effort of a highly professional and motivated team. This was and remains Sea-Watch’s biggest asset. With our new ship, the Sea-Watch 2, we were able to assist the rescue of 20.000 people in 2016.
In the same year, more than 5.000 refugees and migrants drowned in the Mediterranean or are still missing according to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

These people are not victims of a natural disaster, they are dying because of a political decision to let them drown at sea. The European Union is turning a blind eye instead of helping those seeking protection. With concern we observe political cooperation between the EU and Libya, a country where human rights are abused on a daily basis. The same „Libyan Coast Guard“ that is now receiving 200 Million Euro in funds from the EU, intervened during a rescue mission of the Sea-Watch 2 in October and caused the death of several people.

Sea-Watch e.V. was founded as a non-governmental organisation 19 of May 2015 and is formally registered as a non-profit organisation in Berlin. You can find our articles of association here.

Directorate of Asscociation:

Harald Höppner (chairman)
Matthias Kuhnt (vice-chairman)
Holger Mag (treasurer)
Johannes Bayer
Dr. Frank Dörner

Humans of Sea-Watch

Control over the Trolls

Our Facebook Moderator engages daily in the struggle for truth – and against hate   ‘Watch out – all that hate does funny things to you.’ This phrase, which Leonie has heard a lot recently, keeps popping into her head. “What does it do to you? A lot of things I’m confronted with just make…

Praktikant Lion

Where are all the advocates for European values?

Lion demands more humanitarian radicalism We meet Lion Kircheis in the small kitchen of the Sea-Watch office in Berlin, a cup of filter coffee in his hands. For others, it is the end of the working day soon. Lion will probably stay longer tonight, as usual. The 23-year-old would not refuse to work overtime, not…

“Rescuing people should be the norm”

Nothing runs smoothly without Welf, Sea-Watch’s head of logistics Can you really make a difference? With such a tiny ship? Is this really the right way of going about it? Welf Seyer was sceptical when he first read about Sea-Watch in a newspaper in 2015. Later, he heard that the project needed logistical and technical…

Solid as a rock

Sea-Watch Co-founder Matthias Kuhnt does not give up his goals, even if he runs into strong political headwind

Legal seat

Sea-Watch e.V.
c/o dka-Anwälte
Immanuelkirchstraße 3-4
D-10405 Berlin

requests: verein@sea-watch.org

Berlin office

Sea-Watch e.V.
Trelleborger Str. 4
D-10439 Berlin