Action Kit – Materials & Resources

We know that the next few months will be marked by great uncertainty. Many people have less and less to live on. So if you are not able to support the Sea-Watch 5 monetarily right now, but still want to support the Sea-Watch 5 project and express your solidarity, we have prepared an action kit for you to get active online and offline, be present and start actions. Let’s go!


Show solidarity – Sharepics for your social media account

You think sea rescue should show up more on your profile too? Download pre-made sharepics and simply upload them to your profile. This way you can easily support the Sea-Watch 5. Tag Sea-Watch in your post and use the hashtag #IRescueToo so we can reach even more people together.


Hold sea rescue up – Poster templates for demonstrations

Are you angry and want to take your anger to the streets? Take part in demonstrations and protest actions and hold up your poster for sea rescue, so that this topic will not be missing at the upcoming demonstrations. Because the Sea-Watch 5 is our answer to many struggles that we need to connect in the streets.

Stencil templates

Spread our message

You want to make sure that the Sea-Watch 5 can be seen everywhere on the streets and that sea rescue becomes visible again? Simply print out our stencil templates, transfer them to cardboard and cut out the letters. Grab some spray chalk and paint the streets of your city with our common message!

Telegram Sticker

Send the Sea-Watch 5 on Telegram

Do you like to chat with your friends and family on Telegram? Download our sticker set and send our Sea-Watch 5 to your friends, because this way we can make sure that nobody can overlook the Sea-Watch 5 in the future.

Material for your event directly from Sea-Watch?

You are rather an offline person and still want to be part of the Sea-Watch 5? No problem! Just contact and get flyers, stickers, posters, or a donation box to set up in your neighborhood, at a birthday party or in the office. So you can also contribute offline to support sea rescue!