Become a supporting member

With your supporting membership, you actively help us to continue saving people from drowning at the world’s deadliest border with our new ship, the Sea-Watch 5. In addition, we are able to plan our operations safely and long-term. Thanks to our supporting members, we were already able to rescue 2,558 people from distress at sea by October 2022 in nine challenging operations.

With the purchase of the Sea-Watch 5, we continue our work at the world’s deadliest border and advocate for safe and legal escape routes! Thank you for standing by our side.

This is how your supporting membership can help:

  • 15 € Purchase of a warming blanket. Especially in winter, people who have been rescued from distress at sea often suffer from dangerous hypothermia.
  • 50 € Purchase of 5 life jackets.
  • 100 € Medical treatment of a severely dehydrated person.
  • 150 € Medical treatment of a severely dehydrated infant.
  • 500 € A set of new clothes for 15 guests: a warm sweater, pants, a T-shirt, socks and underwear.

How your supporting membership makes a difference

Through your supporting membership in the association Sea-Watch e.V. you support sea rescue in the central Mediterranean on a regular basis. This way you can ensure that the SAR (Search-and-Rescue) mission continues to run independently of government funds and is secured in the long term.

What do I get as a supporting member?

In addition to the external newsletter, you will also receive the internal newsletter, which is addressed to Sea-Watch activists and supporting members. It informs you about political developments regarding our missions and gives you an insight into our daily work: This includes news regarding our mission, planned campaigns and exclusive events etc. You can unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time.

You have a contact person at Sea-Watch, who makes sure your concerns and impulses as a supporting member are heard within our association.

Your contact person: Maximilian Brase and the Fundraising Team

What does Sea-Watch do with my membership contribution?

You can find an overview of the projects that are possible through supporting members in the current Sea-Watch Project Report 2021, which you will receive annually.

Your contribution is tax-deductible / Donation receipt infos

We will automatically send a donation receipt in the 1st quarter of the following year for all donations and contributions made by you in the calendar year. As a supporting member, you are free to determine your monthly contribution (minimum contribution 5 € per month). You can change or cancel your supporting membership at any time.