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Lesbos Project

Since November 2015 Sea-Watch is working between Lesbos, a small Aegean Greek island, and the Turkish mainland to prevent further deaths in this part of the Mediterranean Sea, recording the highest number of drowned refugees in 2015.

As weather conditions worsened in the Aegean Sea more and more deadly accidents occurred and made Sea-Watch urgently needed to secure a safe passage. After only a short time of preparation Sea-Watch started a new mission there.

We are currently analyzing the difficult operational conditions to develop standard procedures for our missions. Additionally we are trying to establish an efficient network consisting of the many different initiatives, volunteers and official authorities.

In contrast to our mission off the Libyan coast we are working solely with a speed boat (RHIB) that leaves our base on Lesbos everyday for SAR (Search And Rescue) missions. The team on board includes medical and nautical staff as well as an experienced RHIB driver.

Video updates are provided here.

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Lesbos Dispatch 2: First rescues

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