Memorial: 4,600 candles against dying #SafePassage

In deep mourning we want to remember all those we were not able to rescue from distress at sea this year. In 2016, a sad record has been broken: The International Organization for Migration counts 4.699 refugees and migrants who drowned in the Mediterranean or are missing (as of 30/11/2016).
Never before so many people lost their lives at Europe’s borders. Many of them may not be known but they will not be forgotten.

At our demonstration we want to light a candle for each person that has died while trying to reach a safe haven. This is also to strengthen our demand for safe passages!

These people are not victims of a natural disaster, they are dying because of a political decision to let them drown at sea. The European Union is turning a blind eye instead of helping people who are seeking protection. With concern we observe political cooperation between the EU and countries that show contempt for human dignity and attack civil sea rescue. On October 21, the Libyan Coast Guard intervened during a rescue mission of the Sea-Watch 2 and caused the death of several refugees.

We demand the immediate ending of cooperations between the EU and despotic regimes as well as the establishment of a #safepassage ! Don’t forget them at sea!

When: Thursday, 15.12.2016 · 6 pm – 8 pm
Where: German Bundestag
Place of the Republic 1, 11011 Berlin